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Anna Beata Baranska – Forsaken forest


Sinopsis:  Whole story of this video happens in one place, a kind of a path in a dark forest. Darkness, swaying trees, buzzing insects. Nature changes slowly, led by its natural rhythm. We can see what nature offers to us: trees, clouds, insects, birds, sun, moon, grass, some pollen, dust, but also something more. The rationality creeps a little irrationality to discreetly make landscape a little more unreal. Video causes in us a feeling of insecurity. Nature becomes something strange and scary. We can feel that we are alone…

anna beata baranskaBio:  Anna Beata Baranska was born in 1981 in Poland. From 2001 to 2006 she studied Painting in the Faculty of Art Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin. Her diploma was awarded the Dean prize. Since 2006 she’s working at Univeristy. Since 2016 she is awarded a PHD in arts. She specializes in Painting, Video and Photography. In her works, she touches time passing issues as well as political, cultural and anthropological problems. She has been awarded several times. ince 2007 her works were screened or exhibited at about 50 international and 40 national festivals and exhibitions.



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