International Videoart Festival Madrid Festival Internacional de Videoarte de Madrid New Media Festival La Neomudéjar


Anthoniy Val – recto/verso


Sinopsis:  How does the internal body manifest itself on the form of flesh that hides it? How does it exteriorize itself? How do all the micro-movements come deform the whole, break the form? Then, what is the link between interior and exterior, between inside and outside? What could be the negative versus the positive?

Anthoniy Val_photoBio:  Born in 1992 in Bulgaria, Anthoniy Val is a young contemporary artist who lives currently in France. After his studies in cinema, he goes into fine arts and especially digital arts. In his research, which by the way is based on the transversality Arts – Sciences – Technologies, he questions the body and, in particular, the comprehension of the body by nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, information technology and cognitive science (NBIC). In his artistic practice, be it through his installations or experimental films, he is interested in what is biomeadia and how it could be used in the artistic creation.


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