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Arezou Zibaei – Buried Alive زنده به گور

Sinopsis: Each year about 15 million little girls marry in the world. Some of them are only 8 or 9 years old. Some of the reasons of this destructive inhuman phenomenon are poverty, social penury, adherence to ethnic customs, and domination of religious beliefs. What such children experience in these marriages are sexual truncation, violation, household violence, missing the future opportunities, poverty, illiteracy, irrecoverable traumas, and instability. According to 1385 census report in Iran, there are 800000 married children in Iran. Unfortunately, this number has increased 45 percent until 1389. In Iran, as little girls before 13 can marry legally depending on their parents’ view and the court’s opinion the parents are allowed to marry their children. This may cause dealing the children (especially the little girls) as merchandise because of poverty. However, Iran is a member of children rights convention that has determined 18 years old as the minimum legal age for marriage.”


20160316_182746webBio: Arezou Zibaei was born 1979 in Tehran , Iran . She studied Graphic in shariati University and Painting in Azad university Art & Architectur, she works with different mediums and materials , such as Painting, Video Art ,Illustration,… she has been more focused on human and social issues. She has participated in International Festivals, Group and solo Exhibitions




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