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Arnont Nongyao – Ghost Rabbit & The Casket Sales

Sinopsis: In Thailand 2014 after the Thai military has been a coup, They composed a propaganda song for on air every television programs and radio broadcasting every hour and every single day. In this film show the footages about reactive feeling and playing with this song such as a poem of shepherd boy who reject authority. An authority will be destroyed by themselves very soon and until the end there is nothing for them.

web Arnont Nongyao PortraitBIO: Arnont Nongyao was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1979. Arnont is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on film experimental and sound art. His films have been widely screened in festivals show around Asia and Europe. Marked by engagements with experimental and personal avant-garde film, they all, though differently, always of images and frequently also of sound. His first film “ Mr. Weirdo and Anomalous Space ” in (2003) that is the art project performance and experimental film. This film was selected to screening in New York, Thai Takes : contemporary thai film festival and around South East Asia. His film is included in 16th Media Art Biennale WRO 2015: Test Exposure, Poland and International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016, Rotterdam, Netherlands. For Arnont an openness to associations and an appreciation of transformations are key, currently working in a variety of media but not film, Arnont describes himself as an artist rather than as a director.

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