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Auden Lincoln-Vogel – Polyrhythm


Sinopsis: “Polyrhythm” is a video installation in which a single one-second clip is played at 24 different speeds simultaneously: full speed (24 frames per second) in the upper left corner, 23 frames per second below that, and so on down to 1 frame per second in the lower right corner. As a result of this simple rhythmic principle, the installation creates a mesmerizing visual and auditory loop that shifts between order and chaos.

Captura de pantalla 2017-05-01 a las 4.00.27Bio:  Auden Lincoln-Vogel is an animator and experimental filmmaker from Boston, MA. His work spans from narrative animation to expanded cinema performances, and employs techniques as diverse as Claymation, cutouts, live action, drawn animation, paint-on-glass, cameraless animation, and found images. He is currently a US Fulbright scholar and is working on a narrative animation in Tallinn, Estonia. 


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