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Beatriz Lee Bernardi – Derreter


Synopsis: Ice works not only for drinks.

Nonsexual object used in sexual act – as when the egg element is appropriated in Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye : the egg itself isn’t something erotic, as well as the ice, but can become – as probably everything.

Video divided in 2 parts: one in black & white, 3x speed; another in color, normal speed. Only 2 minutes (contains  1 orgasm) about 25 minutes original, random and deleted (containing 2 or 3 orgasms) video recordings in the same night, always with ice. Done in 1 night.

Try – almost draft – test and “failure” of progressive masturbation video idea, in which was planned to explicit the ice melting, before: solid, and in the end, water – or nothing. Physical-chemical-sexual experiment. The goal was the total melting coinciding with the orgasm, with veiled reference/connection to Story of The Eye’s part where Simone puts raw bull testicles within her intimacy while one horn plungs into the right eye and through the head of bullfighter Granero; the young girl’s spasm coincides with the arena terror. This scene is, coincidentally, in Madrid.


dirBio: Psychology student & film enthusiast & writing lover.



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