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Chiara Bertin – Pil(S)


Synopsis: PILs means Patient Information Leaflets.
The ones advising you to read carefully before “you start taking this medicine”.
What is addiction?
How and when can people break these habits before they lead to addiction?
In the past addiction used to refer just to psychoactive substances that cross the blood- brain barrier,
temporarily altering the chemical balance of the brain.
A considerable number of psychologists now insist that behavioral dependency, as may be the case with gambling,
Addiction can be virtually anything.

chiaraworkBio: Chiara Bertin (1985), is an Italian-born visual artist focused on mixed-media and video. From an early age she has been exposed to fine arts; painting with her grandfather, an artist from Venice. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Communication, a Master’s Degree in Multimedia Design, from the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence and studied Contemporary Art in Venice. She is active in various spheres of visual culture through research-based graphic projects involving drawings media theory and print. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals throughout Europe and South- America.

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