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Colby Richardson – Convolve


Sinopsis:  A frantic and hypnotic journey through the pages of Greg Bright’s Fontana Mazes. Utilizing single frame animation, prisms, warped mirrors, and water to further distort the already convoluted path of the labyrinth. Shot with in-camera edits on Super 8, the score is generated by a video feed of the film which is directly translated into an audio signal.


Bio: Colby Richardson is a visual artist, focusing within the realms of analog video and graphic design. His designs are a collaboration with the uncredited commercial artists of vintage print media. Collaging, layering, and abstracting pieces of graphics, patterns, textures, shapes, iconography and typefaces from late twentieth century books and magazines; Colby transforms these pieces into strange and vivid imagery heavily influenced by the aesthetics of science fiction and the occult.


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