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Cristobal Catalan – No Man’s Land


Sinopsis:  Made entirely of still images and hand scribed digital animation, ‘No Man’s Land’ is a surreal journey into the dynamics of deterritorialisation, dispossession and transmigration as a form of pilgrimage. Using the geography of the male and female body, I wanted to explore the interpolation of voyeurism, symbolism and monastic imagery. A ghostly figure walks endless landscapes. I am interested in exploring imaginings that evoke queries about spatiality, privacy/exposure, ownership and the freedom of human movement…endless until ’home’ is defined.

liminalsensesBio: Cristobal’s visual works have been screened and exhibited in academic, art and commercial contexts, including MOMA Moscow, BBC UK, MTV, Canal+ and requested at Sky Arts Channel. Other works have also been officially selected for numerous international film festivals, including London Soho Rushes, the International Film Festival of Cinematic Art and the London Spanish Film Festival.


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