International Videoart Festival Madrid Festival Internacional de Videoarte de Madrid New Media Festival La Neomudéjar


Damian Lintell-Smith – Blip glitch


Synopsis: This improvisation was made with circuit bent Bliptronic 5000 LED sequencer, Digitech jamman & Toy megaphone…
The jam, was filmed & fed into a circuit bent Archer video processor.

IMG_2447Bio: I make circuit bent audio/visual art & experiments as Psychiceyeclix since 2001, based in London.
I also make & modify electronic instruments/visual devices, I have made all sorts of bizarre devices from plasma ball controlled keyboards to glitching cd players & drone megaphones.

I have performed in many countries over the years including greece, japan, spain, france, holland, sweden.
I have made 7 music ep’s/albums, 20+ music videos, 130+ circuit bending videos, 1 Audio/visual ep.
Recently I have taken part in Glitch the Tate, Electric Nights festival Athens, BZZZ 2015 Sweden, Usurp Zone 5 festival, Miami New Media Festival, Bioacoustic Urbanscapes Ohio.
I perform with circuit bent/rewired games consoles/drum machines/synths & a camcorder pointed at the audience glitched up.
Visuals & audio are continuously mutating, glitching in time with each other showing the interplay between vision & sound.
Recently I have developed light controlled synths that react to the quick moving visuals & keyboard video outputs showing a visual representation of the sound produced.


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