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Francisca Sousa -Violence on a daily basis


Sinopsis: From notions such as soft violence, punishment and discipline, my work thinks about the phenomenon of violence by setting up its own aesthetic, which softens and rounds its destructive vertices. The line, sometimes almost indistinguishable, which separates the act of creating from destroying is a powerful and transforming one, which outlines the more subtle daily events and reveals the banality with which we live and face the notion of violence, crisis and conflict. However, about these destructive and cruel acts, there is something that draws and captures us as spectators, binds us to a screen and makes us into witnesses. There is something seductive about violence. In “Violence on a daily basis” there’s a part where we see chocolate coins with the faces of prime ministers, presidents, state governors, members of extremist groups and whoever is involved in contemporary acts of terrorism, including a picture of myself. This is the way I found to ask questions such as: what’s terrorism? Who’s to blame? Who started it? This a way of realizing that we ain’t got answers and that we’re all part of the same squad. In the end we’re all terrorists contributing to the increase of violence. I intend to expose a universe that is very intimate and dear to me whose aesthetic presentation functions as a statement and as a manifest of an artistic language. The meanings of my images are distorted, we don’t really know what we’re seeing, but there’s pleasure in that. Through processes of “beautification” and of manipulation of forms I propose to show the omni- presence of soft violence – an invisible force that manipulate and affects our behaviours, without our knowledge of it.

Francisca-SousaBio:  Through out her practice, Francisca Sousa directs her artistic research towards intimate and social concerns such as violence, the submissive body and its relationship with the art object. Self-punishment and destruction are also concepts present in her work entangled with the need to find a way to aestheticize them and to create her own creative language. Born in 1992 (Portugal), Francisca Sousa has a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts – Painting by the University of Por- to and it was during a study program in London, at Central Saint Martins, that she discovered her interest for video, performance art and for the extension of the two-dimensional work. These new interests led to the conclusion of a Master degree in Multimedia Arts at the University of Fine Arts of Lisbon, where she presented the dissertation “Soft Violence – language and metamorphosis”. Francisca’s artistic work is multidisciplinary, moving around the practices that have been mentioned before.


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