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Jai Du – Pechos bien formados…coincidencia?


Sinopsis: Este video performance hace referencia al poder de los símbolos (arquetipos)que a su vez son formas geométricas y, por tanto,  números. Estos símbolos, como bien explicó C.G. Jung, han dominado nuestras vidas desde el origen porque son parte de nuestro inconsciente colectivo y han determinado lo que es bello o bueno y lo que es feo o malo. Así, las religiones y los gobiernos los han utilizado a lo largo de toda la historia para crear efectos resonantes que manipulen la conciencia de la sociedad. Esto significa que fuertes o extrañas experiencias físicas pueden resultar en estéticas e interesantes experiencias (imágenes) sólo porque siguen potentes y heredados patrones y símbolos.

La artista se muestra también interesada en producir una diferencia en un espacio con el que espectador se sienta familiar y la idea de que una performance podría producirse en un espacio sacado de contexto obteniendo todo su potencial teatral.

Synopsys: This video performance makes reference to the power of the symbols (archetypes), that at the same time are shapes and numbers. These symbols, as well explained C.G. Jung, have dominated our life since the beginning because they are part of our collective unconscious and have determined what is beautiful and good and what is ugly and bad. Thus, the religions and governments have used them throughout the history in order to create resounding effects that manipulate the society. It means that strong or weird physical experiences can turn into aesthetic and pleasant experiences (images) just because they follow powerful and inherited patterns and symbols.
The artist is also interested in producing a difference in a space the spectators would already be familiar with and the idea that a performance could use a space out of context bringing out all its theatrical potential.


JaiDuBio: Jai Du (Spain-Bilbao) starts her professional career as a business consultant in 2000, mainly working for banks and government institutions where she normally spent more than 12 hours/day. In 2008, thanks to a tragic accident and kidnapping suffered in Africa, which almost ends up with her life, she realizes about the lack of sense of passing life working at offices such amount of hours. Thus, she decides to fulfill her real life mission by starting talking and writing about the topics that nobody from her social and job sector would talk freely due to the fear of being fired or excluded. So, she becomes an artist with a hidden identity under the alter ego of Jai Du. In her first video performances emerge topics such as the internal conflicts and dependencies that the System’s rules produce in the citizens (the idea of personal success based only on “specific” professional careers, the current roles of the women in the different job sectors, the migration of people in search of a prosperous country, etc.) and, currently, her work involves the concept of the collective unconsciousness (C.G.Jung) and, the use of archetypes and mathematic series in order to create/activate specific emotions in the audience.

Jai Du believes that many of these topics or issues involve the most of our daily life producing serious physical and mental sickness. Through Art the artist has found not only the dispositive for self-reflection but also a way to raise social awareness. She thinks that this consciousness raising way plays a key factor to put in motion the social engine and to trigger the human being evolution.

As a poetry writer (“Snobby stories inspired in Afrique” 2008/2009, “Germany: in search of a prosperous country” 2011/12 and “Extractos d’UE” 2013/2014), she describes her own experiences in the different countries where she has been living and working. In 2012, due to the difficulty in the diffusion of poetry books, she started creating video performances inspired in some of her poems and, nowadays, her videos have been presented at galleries and festivals worldwide: Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Nouveau Theatre de Montreuil (Paris), Verge Gallery (Sydney), Artpotheek Gallery (Brussels), Bideodromo International Film Festival (Bilbao) winning the 3rd Prize (“Spanish Doping”), GIRÓN Center for Arts & Tactics (NY), Centre d’Art Santa Mònica (Barcelona), Cairo Video Festival (Egypt)…

As a performer, Jai Du is performing in almost all her videos with her cats using the body and physical experiences. She has had the opportunity to collaborate with the artists Tania Bruguera and Davis Freeman and to be inspired and advised by Rocio Boliver, participating in international festivals (“Acción!MAD” 2014, “Perfocilinne” 2013, “El Arte es Acción” 2009 and “ACCIONesLEON” 2009).



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