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Marcantonio Lunardi – The Cage


Sinopsis:  Food, water, book, language, beauty, earth, sea, love, warmth, man, woman, desire. What is our cage dividing us from? Is it blocking us? Or is it protecting us? The barbed wire is a simple structure, a cylinder-shaped object deformed by a light twisting, which stretches, in the room, from one point to another. Every 10 centimetres there is a small lock: its delicate shape breaks the linearity of the barbed wire like a lock gracefully curled. But, far from being delicate, those thorns twirl around life preventing its movements, inducing wounds, suffering and pain. The barbed wire, thus, marks the border between existing a non-existing, between living and nonliving, between being seen and being invisible. Lunardi has patiently built his cage: it is an iconic, cold and surreal object. He has welded the wire fence to the main structure, he has assembled the frames and the hooks. Wire after wire, pipe after pipe, bolt after bolt he has shaped the catharsis of his nightmares and he transformed his inner obsession in a tangible object. The cage he is alluding to is that in which we live in and which has become more and more tight-fitting. It is a sort of coffin in which life continuously moves from one corner to another, completely alone, perpetually searching for an horizon which is continuously blocked.

The cage envelopes us with its barbed wire from our innermost roots, dragging us in the shadow. This work introduces the solitude imposed on us by the cages we are living in. Sometimes we are aware of them, but sometimes we are not: Lunardi, therefore, shows with his work what some of us find too difficult to acknowledge. In the typical style of the author, the work has been built around some tableau vivants which represent, through the body of the actors, some of the conditions which we experience on a daily basis in a society which is pervaded by egotism.


Bio: Marcantonio Lunardi was born in Lucca in 1968. Since 2001 he has been working in social and political documentation in the field of Media Art, creating installations, documentaries and video-art works. After the master’s programs at the Festival dei Popoli in Florence with Michael Glawogger, Sergei Dvortsevoy, Thomas Heis and Andrés Di Tella, he began a path in the cinema of moving images, experimenting with languages at the border between the cinema of the real and the video-art. His works have been screened in some eminent international institutions such as: The International Art Center, Toko; Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta; Fondazione Centro Studi Ragghianti di Lucca; Video Tage Center - Hong Kong; Museum King St. Stephen Museum – Székesfehérvár – Hungary. He also appeared in many other festivals of experimental cinema and video-art, like: Cologne Off; Festival Internacional de Cine y Video Experimental – Bilbao; OCAT Shanghai; Cairo Video Festival – Egypt; Festival Invideo Milan – Italy; Video Art & Experimental Film Festival – Tribeca Cinemas in New York City. He currently lives and works in the mountain village of Bagni di Lucca, about 25 km far from Lucca, in Italy.


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