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Martin Sulzer – Wetware


Sinopsis: Both abject through its texture and relatable in its fragility, WETWARE offers hyperreality without the common symptoms of alienation. A seemingly self-sustaining ‘organism’ is generated completely in digital through synthesis without reliance on ’real’ imagery. The resulting image is limitless, perpetually spilling outside itself. Suggesting a feed pulsating beyond a bodily surface or even any bodily context, the work examines digital intimacies while also referencing worship music in its relaxing albeit disorienting sonic composition.


Bio:  Martin Sulzer is an artist working and living in Berlin. In his work he utilizes various methods such as 3d technology, mathematical algorithms and even animal-operated cameras to escape the realms of stability and identity. His interests focus on performative aspects of human behavior, in terms of the body and its sexuality as well as religious practices.


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