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Megan-Leigh Heilig – She Walks So Fast


Sinopsis:  The video has been made up from a series of still images taken in a studio. The narration recalls a dream told by a woman about an encounter she has with another woman. Like a reflection in water, she is unable to touch her. The video explores the surface of the skin as a political space and touch as a politically charged act. It also questions the fear which can surround loving someone, being too damned afraid to reach out and touch someone but being unable to stop yourself from wanting to. In short, this video is a confession of particular conditions for engagement; and why it is so hard to live the dream. If I die, which I will, let me live first. Let me live that dream.

Bio: Born in 1993 in Nelspruit South Africa, Megan-Leigh Heilig grew up in Johannesburg, graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand with a Bachelor in Fine Art (BFA) in 2015 and is currently studying towards a Masters in Fine Art (MFA) at the University of Cape Town.


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