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Michael O’Donnell – Sossusvlei


Synopsis: A panoramic image of the Namib desert is used to create subtle visual mutations via frame-by-frame modifications to luminosity, orientation, and movement. The film takes four elements as its subject matter: The dessert, the derivative still image, the resultant film itself, and the viewer’s process of observation. Yet, like many things in the desert, not everything is what it seems. 

Sossusvlei’s soundtrack is placed in counterpoint to the symmetrical visual elements. As this distinct auditory dimension becomes increasingly associated with the visual flow, the association of observer and observed becomes apparent when the film becomes totally silent.

Director Michael O'DonnellBio: The diverse subjects of biology, mathematics, and industry strongly influenced my sense of aesthetics, and early encounters with prejudice and racism influenced my ethical development. Ultimately these experiences led me to focus on issues concerning the human understanding of reality, the relationships people have with each other, and the effects of different cultural world-views.

I came to believe that art in its myriad forms plays an essential role in our common human endeavor by providing insight and alternate ways of seeing the world.

After studying philosophy at Emory University and industrial design at Pratt Institute, I created interactive light and sound environments utilizing machine language, motion detection, multi-channel lumina projection, and film. Subsequent work includes industrial design, architecture, mural painting, comic art, music composition, and filmmaking.

My experimental film work has been incorporated into dance performances, a museum exhibition, and has been exhibited in international film festivals in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, and the United States.

I am a partner in Loose Threads Cinema production company and currently directing the film essay Outside of Time.

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