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Mikhail Basov – Out of Autofocus


Synopsis: In the videowork “Out of autofocus” a common glitch in the autofocus function – the kind that all videocamera manufacturers strive to get rid of – becomes an artistic technique.
Gulls soaring over the sea cross the space of a static shot, entering and exiting it, while the camera struggles to find the focus point – and succeeds only for a few short moments. There are no other objects except the gulls, their water reflection and fishermen’s nets in the horizon. Finally, one of the gulls is caught in the focus. From this moment on, it is caged in a magic trap and has to find its way out.

web mikhail basovBio: Mikhail Basov (b. 1977, Taganrog, Russia) – his video works has been exhibited internationally in festivals & gallery exhibitions such as, the International Video Art Biennial in Barcelona VIDEOAKT 2013; Experimental Film Festival Portland 2013; Audiovisioni digitali / Scicli (Italy) #1 – Mostra internazionale di ricerche audiovisive 2013, Festival Art Deco de Cinema 2013 (Sao Paulo), Oslo Screen Festival 2014, WRO media art biennale 2015, Kasseler Dokfest 2015, 28e Festival Les Instants Vidéo 2015 (Marseille), 19th Japan Media Arts Festival & other.

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